Progress of the Acre

200 lbs of compost...
4 sq.ft. of the acre sponsored...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Phase I coming to close...Going into Phase II

We have appoximately 350 pounds of compost at a temperature of about 110!
We are gaining worms daily for vermicomposting! Pictures coming soon.
We are at 25 buckets...
We are collecting pounds of aluminum cans...only now we have several more places helping us gather them.
Including Atlanta Pro Bicycle and Peachtree and Pine homeless shelter.

What is Phase II?  We are going to refine the compost and add more to the main pile.  This will give us a finer final mix. 

We are also looking to create a CSA link and delivery system.  It may be winter, but things are still going on!

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