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Friday, December 3, 2010


In this business, it is good to be inspired.  It is good to meet people who have the same mindset because, goodness knows, there is strength in numbers.  Plus, it is very easy to get down and lose focus.  The good thing about this game is that there are a lot of heroes out there.  To get into this business you have to be the type of person who steps up and stands out.  When you meet someone like that, it is good to be nurtured by their presence, to draw from their wisdom.  Such a man is K. Rashid Nuri.  He is working to build a garden in the middle of Atlanta and making it look easy though it is anything but.
Mr. Nuri went to Harvard.  Mr. Nuri created Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farms ( Mr. Nuri is my new hero.  He has become so, not by doing something new, but by doing something old, but in a new way.  Not in the wilds of Georgia, but in the middle of an urban landscape where there is not a real tomato around for miles and kids have no idea where their food comes from.
It is hard to be impressed by people nowadays, but but doggone it, I have a new hero.

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