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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art in Agriculture...Helping the homeless through edible art.

Since The Waiverly Projects was started, it has been our idea that there is no one solution to the problems we, as a society, face.  Our goal has always been to tie all of our projects together with a goal of making a difference in the world.  Though the problems are many, they do not all have one solution.  As well, the solution to another problem may in fact come from something that may seem unrelated.

  The Art in Agriculture project seeks to do just that.  Why can't artists and gardeners gather to create something beautiful where there was just an abandoned lot and donate the proceeds and produce to those struggling to eat?  In effect, we create edible art.
   We have found an abandoned lot in Doraville, GA where we will grow an acre's worth of food.  The task before us is to do so using organic methods as much as possible.  We want to take advantage of Atlanta's long growing season.  Most of all, we would like to do it as creatively as possible, highlight new technology, and above all, have fun.  Follow along and see how we do it and/or
Contact us and see how you can join in., call us at 404-723-7021. 

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