Progress of the Acre

200 lbs of compost...
4 sq.ft. of the acre sponsored...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


$570 in donations for The Waiverly Projects and Week on the Street...
11 lbs in our aluminum can drive (and that is just overnight)...
10 square feet of the Acre sponsored...

Our goal for Week on the Street has been set at $1500.  People wonder where that money goes and why so here is the breakdown.

$100 for communication (phone and internet over that week),
$350 for food for Stand Up for Kids dinner on Wednesday, Nov. 10 (dinner for approx. 40 teens)
$250 for food for Eli and the crew throughout the week.
$100 for transportation.  Eli will travel via Marta as well as gas for others helping to bring things in.
$150 for advertising, Fliers, posters, supplies, brochures.
$50 for emergencies.
$250 for blankets
$250 for hygiene items to be distributed to the homeless.

These are pretty stingy approximations.  Please help us reach this goal and watch for refinements as we get closer to the day!  Every dime of your donation is going to direct action and we are thankful for it.

Thank you.

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