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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creativity...and coffee grounds.

The major thing that I have found in everything that we have been working on is that the old axiom is true, neccesity is indeed, the mother of invention.  The work that we are  doing is calling upon every ounce of improvisation that we can muster.  It is very interesting to think that coffee grounds, for instance, are excellent for the garden, but literally tons of the stuff wrapped in plastic and thrown into landfills on a daily basis.
   I have been having the most trouble with ants lately.  Apparently they eat them...and die.  I guess their poor little hearts can't take all of the caffeine.  They can be used to deodorizer, mixed with soap to exfoliate, used as a dye for hair, or fake tattoos for the kids.  Think about the other things that we simply toss out and what we could do with it...hmmm.

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